Kamloops Rock Club

                                                                                                  SILVER/GOLD SMITHING by Dave Z

In its simplest form, silver smithing involves the making of artistic forms and the settings for stones from silver wire or sheet.  Silver alloy (e.g. stirling) may also be cast, using forms made from various substances.  For soldering the bezels, bases and rings that make up a setting, alloys are available with different melting points to enable the assembly of several parts.  Silver is quite soft, and may be shaped by filing, hammering and bending with the appropriate tools.

                                                                                      WIRE WRAPPING by Marvin M

Making your own findings using copper, silver or gold wire.  pliers, cutters and wire are all you need to create beautiful pendants, earrings.

Your imagination is the limit to what you can create.

                                                                    Viking Knit by Morgan

Make your own chain using copper, silver or gold 26 Gauge craft wire or finer.  Perfect for the weight of your own polished stone.  Or a tampered copper centre piece. Create unique priceless pieces.

Wirewrapping supplies Tips

The wire that I like best is from Altamount, although BeadSmith wire seems just as good. I don’t care for the Beadalon wire as it too hard and springy to work with, and it is much more expensive.

I use the 21 gauge square for the main wrap and 21 gauge half-round silver for the bindings. You will go through 5 or 6 packages of square for every one of the half-round. This is silver coloured (plated?) copper wire that has an anti-tarnish coating.

It occurs to me that if anyone is contemplating an order, they might ask for interest from other members as there are significant discounts available for larger orders.

Once you are really comfortable with your skill level, and working with material that you really want to ‘dress up’ it is worth considering a non-tarnishing sterling silver wire (‘Argentium’) or even a gold-filled wire. Both of those are available from Rio Grande

Locally, Michael’s sells some serviceable wire-wrapping tools, that are often available at a discount with store coupons.                                                                                                                                               Contributed by Dave Z